Dress different layers

Dress different layers

The basic winter outfit

The outfit on the next two pictures:

Jacket: Altatensione
Scarf: Caffee Milano
Shirt: Identikit
Belt: Cappellett
Jeans: Levi’s
Shoes Gold Brothers
Gloves: Thinsulate

dress different layers

dress different layers

On the first picture above you can see that basically I don’t dress layers. The jacket it’s not very thick, but it’s made from a good material and the length is also good, so I never feel cold.
I am using a nice and pretty thick scarf. This scarf is pretty big, so I folded it different time to make it a bit more thicker to cover all the free space that the jacket is not covering around my neck.

On the second picture you see how I would go out on the streets. For very cold days, I would wear black gloves, so they will match the jacket’s color.

This outfit is nice if you don’t have a lot of time to choose what you want to wear and you want something that you can take off and wear quickly.

Dress different layers to keep you warm

dress different layers

Jacket: Altatensione
Scarf: Sergio
Sweater: Tokyo Laundry
Jeans: Levi’s
Shoes: Gold Brothers

Dress different layers wearing a sweater. Underneath the sweater, I am wearing the shirt that you saw on the pictures above. The cool thing about this sweater is that you can let the last two buttons open, so you can see the shirt and the style is not so strict.
That’s a wool sweater, so it’s very warm. Together with the scarf and the jacket closed, I was almost starting to sweat. Get a pair of gloves and you are ready to face off very cold weather.

Dress different layers for rain, wind and snow

dress different layers

Raincoat: Boggi Milano
Scarf: Pashmina
Jacket: Sseinse
Shirt: 7Camicie
Belt: Cappellett
Jeans: Levi’s
Shoes: Gold Brothers

Are you always cold? Would you like to dress with style but also stay always warm, especially when there is rain, wind or snow?
This outfit would appear a bit “complicated”, but it’s the perfect example of how you can dress different layers and appear stylish.
Everything starts with a nice shirt together with a matching jacket. On top of the jacket you can wear a raincoat, like in the picture, or a normal coat.
When you are outside, button up your jacket and your coat to ensure maximum warmth. Combine the coat with a nice scarf and, if you want, a pair of gloves. In this way you will not feel cold and you will be able to stay outside for longer periods of time, also when it’s raining or snowing.
Dress different layers in this way makes it possible to enter a room and take off the coat and the scarf, and stay with your jacket on that will keep you warm.

Quick recap: If you don’t have a lot of time, just wear something warm, like a sweater or even a shirt, and on top of that a jacket or a coat together with a scarf and gloves.
For very cold and rainy/snowy days and if you want to dress anyway good, wear a shirt, a jacket and on top a raincoat or normal coat, together with a scarf and gloves. This ensures maximum warmth and you will be able to stay in a room with your jacket and shirt only.

If you feel cold a lot, I advice you to wear underneath your shirt or sweater some thermogenic clothes. Feeling cold it’s not nice!

Dress sharp with class

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