Four ways wearing jackets: Sporty, casual, business and elegant

Four ways wearing jackets

I love jackets, especially the ones that are elegant. Below I will give you some tips and ideas how to wear and combine your jackets, and if you don’t have any, why you should buy some, at least one.

Four ways wearing jackets: The sporty sweater

Four ways wearing jackets

Jacket: Francis Lathiu
Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren
Watch: Swatch
Trousers: Polo Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Lorenzi

In order to mix things up, I tried to wear a sweater underneath the jacket.
The result is pretty nice. That is also because the sweater is red, wich is a strong color, and the neck of the sweater goes high up in what could appear a scarf.
Note also that some buttons on the jacket are red, as well the hankie. In that way you can use a color to start exploring a new outfit, like a sweater.
Because I am wearing a sweater, the look is a bit more bulky than it would be wearing a shirt.

Four ways wearing jackets: Just casual

Four ways wearing jackets

Jacket: Sseinse
Shirt: Blumen
Watch: Swatch
Jeans: Levi’s
Shoes: Gold Brothers

You know, I kinda like to split the styles in two. The lower part very casual and relaxed, like in the picture above, where I am wearing a pair of blue jeans together with blue shoes, and the upper part more classy and elegant, shirt and jacket.
That’s great if you are on a hurry.

Four ways wearing jackets: Business

Four ways wearing jackets

Jacket: Armani
Shirt: Blumen
Watch: Swatch
Tie: Lanvin Paris
Belt: Dolce&Gabbana
Trousers: Angelo Litrico
Shoes: Lloyd

Now we are getting serious. As an admirer of elegant suits I love this outfit!
Just black shoes, black trousers, white shirt and this amazing jacket.
As you can see, I am still choosing the perfect tie 😛

Four ways wearing jackets: The elegant gentleman

Four ways wearing jacktes

Jacket: Altatensione
Shirt: Blumen
Scarf: Caffee Milano
Belt: Dolce&Gabbana
Trousers: Angelo Litrico
Shoes: Lloyd

Beside being all styles above elegant, this jacket is a bit longer, and it looks also a bit like a coat, wich makes it different from the others. I typically wear this jacket and take it off when I am in a room.
The belt and the scarf then are making the whole style.
It’s easy, it’s elegant, it will keep you warm.

Dress sharp with class

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