Unbutton your shirt

A shirt…the starting point for every outfit!

It’s free time, it’s casual

Shirt: Marmar
Watch: Swatch
Jeans: Replay
Shoes: Gold Brothers


I usually like to wear my shirts inside the pants and not outside. But with the one on the picture above, I like to wear it also outside sometimes, because it’s not tight, it’s a bit loose.
With every shirt that it’s not very tight, you can also wear it good outside the pants and also roll up a bit the sleeves to make it look a bit more sporty. I found that if you don’t have very wide shoulders, rolling up the sleeves helps with the general appearance.

Wear it tight!

Shirt: 7Camicie
Watch: Swatch
Belt: Dolce&Gabbana
Trousers: Polo Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Lorenzi


Even if sometimes I like to wear a shirt that is a bit more loose, my favorite kind is a tight one.
It follows the natural shape of the body and if your posture is good and you workout, it reveals greatly your body.
You can use a tight shirt like an accessory.
By rolling up the sleeves, the look remains elegant, yet it’s not so strict, so formal. Works great during sprint / summer or in warmer rooms.

It’s the party here?!

Jacket: Armani
Shirt: Olymp
Watch: Swatch
Trousers: Angelo Litrico
Shoes: Lloyd


This shirt is great, because it’s possible to play with white or black clothes and it’s not the typical shirt.
It has black and white dots, which are creating a sort of optical illusion when watching at them.
It’s very nice with or without a jacket.

Quick recap:
Wear clothes also to escape from the normal way of dressing, find your unique style.
Play with different colors, shapes and styles.
You can roll up your sleeves to appear a bit more sporty and not so strict, and even wear it outside your pants if it’s not a tight shirt.

Dress sharp with class

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