Handkerchief: adding style to your suit and blazer

I must say: Handkerchief and ties can be a bit of a trouble. Especially if you have never used them or you use them only sometimes, and somebody else will fold / knot them.
But it’s worth it to take your time and learn how to fold and knot them. Below I will show you different styles and how to fold your handkerchief, also known as “hanky”, in order to add that special detail. Let’s start!

Handkerchief easy and fast

Jacket: Francis Lathiu
Handkerchief: Sergio
Shirt: 7Camicie
Watch: Swatch
Jeans: Frankie Malone
Shoes: Gold Brothers


This hanky style it’s the easiest of all. It does not require any special technique or folding.
Spread it on your table, with your thumb and your index finger lift it in the middle.
With your other hand, close you thumb and index finger around the hanky. The upper part will be the part looking out from your pocket.
Push your hanky in your pocket and style it how you wish. It takes about 10 seconds and looks good.

The easy triangle handkerchief

Jacket: Francis Lathiu
Tie: Strellson
Shirt: Olymp
Watch: Swatch
Belt: Dolce&Gabbana
Trousers: Biaggini
Shoes: Gold Brothers


This handkerchief style requires folding, but don’t worry, it’s still easy.
You basically spread your hanky on a table and fold it one time to make it become a rectangle.
Then you fold it again to make it become square. From here you fold it until you have a triangle.
Now you take the two outer tips and fold them until the middle more or less. Fold down one part of the triangle tip, in order to have just one nice triangle tip on top. It should just be tip-top 😛
Put it in your pocket and adjust the height.

Triangle-waterfall fold

Jacket: Sseinse
Bow tie: H&M
Shirt: Olymp
Handkerchief: Sergio
Watch: Swatch
Trousers: Biaggini


Gentlemen, if you want a very sharp detail, learn to fold your handkerchief with the triangle-waterfall fold.
This one require a bit more time than the other two, but it looks superb!
From your usual starting square hanky, fold it four times in rectangle. It should become very tiny, in comparison to your starting point.
Now if you watch one side of your triangle tip, you should see three folds. That’s your triangle tip.
From here, as in the previous style, fold the two outer tips until the middle.
The final point is to separate the three folds nicely and lift them up, then put it in your pocket.
Make the final adjustment and you are ready to rock!

The two colors triangle-waterfall fold

Suit: Digel
Tie: Strellson
Shirt: Olymp
Handkerchiefs: Sergio


If you like me like to play with colors and creativity, this handkerchief fold is made for you.
It’s basically the same fold as the previous one, but you are using two different handkerchief in two different colors.
Do the same steps as above, but instead of folding your hanky 4 times, fold both just 3 times.
Put one hanky on top of the other and fold them together one last time. Separete and lift up all the tips and put in your pocket.
You can use your creativity and play around, having 6 or less tips with the 2 colors.

Quick recap:
Take your time and learn to fold a handkerchief, they are a great accessory and detail to add to your suit or blazer.
For an easy and fast handkerchief in your pocket, do like in the first picture.
If you want a very good sharp looking detail, learn to fold your handkerchief with the triangle-waterfall fold.
Your look will just be great!

I will do a video showing you the different styles and how to fold them.

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