Winter waterfall

Winter at the lake

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Beanie: ATG
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Scarf: Caffee Milano
Jacket: Altatensione
Jeans: Levi’s
Shoes: Frentz


What a lovely afternoon before Christmas! About 10°C, sunny day without any clouds. Today the day looked much more like a spring or a fall day than a typical winter day. Going for a walk during these days it’s very very nice.


This little waterfall was just on the way, so I had to take pictures.
Just the sound of the water energizes you! Imagine taking a “shower” right there 😛
Nature is indeed so simple, yet perfect.


I bought this beanie because I always wanted to use this “peter pan” style. I’m not a big beanie user, but this style really has gotten me.
Since it’s winter, I take advantage of this style. I find blue is a nice choice; it’s my favorite color and it matches really good my “winter paleness”, lol tropics, here I come 😛

I find it nice to discover new styles and items to include in our wardrobe and way of dressing.
As I always say, play with different styles, colors and fabrics. It doesn’t have always to be “straight” or follow the fashion rules of the moment. Fashion rules doesn’t mean good style, but good style will make you good dressed.

Dress sharp with class

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