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I wish you all a happy new year, may this new year be a great & good one, with plenty of love, happiness, health and success 😀

I have been a bit absent from the blog because of Christmas, end of the year / new year and the preparation for my new job.

Yes, I got a new full time job. This mean I can’t for the moment post every day.
The weekly days that I will post here on the blog are Tuesday and Friday.

Andrè Maurice – Just blue

Sweater: Andrè Maurice
Shirt: Zafferano
Blazer: Francis Lathiu
Trousers: Andrè Maurice
Shoes: Lorenzi


Blue is my color and this sweater made of cashmere is very nice and warm. Plus those trousers made from wool keep me warm during these cold January days.

I bought this sweater and trousers recently in a factory store in Italy, the store is from Andrè Maurice in Casale Monferrato. If you have a chance to visit it, visit it, you will find very nice clothes.


As you can see, with a V-shape sweater and a shirt underneath, you can wear a blazer with no problem.
Just look that the colors and all the clothes are matching together, and you got a new style to show off!

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