Dress with style during winter

Winter is a synonym of jackets, raincoats, hats and sweaters.
All of the above are very nice but, how to combine everything in a good way without freezing?

It’s all about layers

Hat: Sergio
Suit: Digel
Sweater: Andrè Maurice
Tie: Strellson
Shirt: Olymp
Shoes: Lorenzi


First of all: everything is fitting perfectly and all the colors are matching. That’s very important and is one of the first thing to check when combining clothes.

Secondly: During winter season, it’s all about layers. One on top of the other. Maybe this is not your ideal style of wearing but IT DOES WORK.

The outside layers

What do you see here? You see a nice blue suit and nice shoes. Nothing new here. The new thing is that underneath the suit there is a V-neck sweater and underneath that the usual shirt with the tie. The sweater is pretty thing, but made of cashmere, which is very warm.

The inner layers

What you don’t you see? Basically in order to not freeze when walking outside in the city and when staying inside in not so much warm rooms, I’m wearing thermogenic clothes. That means thin thermogenic “pants” and a thermogenic polo neck sweater. Underneath that, a singlet.
The outfit is finished with a hat and a raincoat together with a scarf and gloves on top of everything.
I guarantee you stay warm.


Why does it looks good?

The main difference is made from the combination of the sweater, together with the tie and the suit.
I am experimenting different styles, and I must say I really like that one because it combines a nice elegant suit and a tie, together with a more classy V-neck sweater. I also like very much that you see only the upper part of the tie as well only the upper part of the shirt.

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